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I don't disbelieve in a spiritual karma. I just more strongly believe in psychological effects, that produce the same effects - a psychological karma.

People I'm nice to, are nicer to me, and I tend to be nicer to people who are nice to me. Nastiness has the same effect, only more so.

Another thing that I see, is that chronically negative people seem to be unable to see good things when the do happen to them - instead of every cloud having a sliver lining - they see every piece of sliver having a cloud hanging out of it. Have you ever heard a person who's won money, complain about it (I had an aunt who did - she was so used to complaining about everything, that even winning a small lottery was a "bad" thing).

Karma doesn't always hit in the way we expect it though. When you see an unpleasant person experience what you would consider "good luck" it just seems so unfair. And yet, I think it's worse luck to have good fortune all around you and be unable to see it or appreciate it, because all of the negativity in their heads.
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