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I'm right there with you, sister. It's the routine that gets to me. Anything I have to do that's repetitive seems repulsive to me. I know that for me, it's Adult ADD that is at issue, on top of depression.

As for the personal hygiene thing, oy! I'm definitely in the same club! I too feel much better when I've properly washed my face, etc. But there's so many other things to do in a day...I get up and hit the ground running with caring for everyone else's needs that it's now just after noon and I'm still not showered and dressed, etc. But the whole downstairs is dusted and vacuumed, all the dishes are done, the laundry is almost done, the boys are packed to spend the weekend with their father, we had lunch, and I just put a bunch of shoes away in the closet.

Its funny how the rest of the house can be clean, but everything slowly migrates to the garage or my bedroom. And they look like dumping grounds! I don't like to live like this, but I get to a certain point in the day and I'm too mentally tired to make myself do one more thing.

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