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Wink Lost as usuall

Well ya did it to me again, ya hopped to 17 and I was left behind. I gotta learn how to hop on the bus.


Princess: Rain, Rain go away come again some other day. So sorry to hear about your Mom. Glad no chemo, That is the worst.

Judy: Better pass out the umbrellas. Pumpkin oatmeal, I've had it, love it just have trouble useing the whole can of opened pumpkin. I am to scattered to eat the same thing in a row. Hey 3# last week, too cool.

Bandit: ya better go on a shopping spree and buy some new form fitting cloths, no better buy tight cloths cuz your just going to grow out of them in no time.

Lady: I hear " Back in the Saddle Again" playing softly in the background. Did you forget to send us all a post card signed by Terry Fator. Hey I just found a 5/10K in Temecula in September and the Susan G. Komen 5K is in October in Temecula as well. Are you interested? I am trying to get the girls to do both, but don't know yet.

I found myself stranded in the restroom the other day (long story) and all these reading materials had been pulled out of the cupboard, because we are slowly packing to move. I came across Bob Greene's book. I recognized it. I remembered picking it up at a yard sale years ago. I know I read a little of it because there were marks on a quiz he has you take to see if your ready for Weight Loss. Well I read the first couple of chapters and decide to take the silly quiz. Two things popped out (more then the others)

#3 Do you frequently use excuses to get yourself
out of doing what it takes to reach your goals?

Greene goes on to explain how he has become intolerant of excuses. And tells about what he calls "chronic excuse syndrome". He won't work with a client if during their initial consultation he hears three or more excuses.
I don't have time
I don't like to sweat
My family would never eat that
I'll start on Monday
I have asthma
I can't afford a gym membership

#7 Are you afraid of change?
We like our comfort zone, and change takes out of that. It usually requires you to overcome fear. Fear of change can be paralyzing. *Many use their excess weight as an armor against change.

Well if you remember, I am still stranded in the restroom...ironically right next to a full length mirror. It hits me. That's me. I use my "armor" to protect me from my goals. After all nobody expects much from a 300lbs water buffalo, Right. If I can't control what I stuff in my mouth then how can I ever___________fill in the blank.

Now that I have been getting all this attention at work from my weight loss, I have been very upset. At first I thought it was because I didn't want to get trapped into thinking I am loosing weight for "them". But that wasn't it. I was not used to attention. People over look you. They are disgusted with you. They don't know how to deal with you.

So I guess I can't let my size hold me back #3.
And I have to find a new "armor" to hide behind #7.

I have been thinking a lot about that. And the other thing I am worring about is what if I don't keep this weight off. I can't do this all over again. I am a lazy person. I don't want to exercise 4 times a day for 6 days a week. The weight has just come off quickly and I can't really say I have worked at it.

It is working though, I guess I lost 4 pounds last Night.
We are doing this new sticker thing in little pocket calendars.
If you stay within your points you get a sticker.
Whoever gets the most stickers at the end of the month gets a gift cirtificate. If there is a tye then it comes down to who has lost the most weight. I seem to be very competive (driven) at this.


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