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Originally Posted by kaebea View Post
Hi thinpossible,
i have similar goals, mostly with house work though.

have you every heard of fly lady? it's a book that sounds silly, but it really helped me by learning to set rediculously small goals that add up throughout the day. i don't follow the book by heart, but i do still incorporate some of the practices.
the book is called "Sink Reflections"

and she has a web site:

it's amazing how some of the simple steps in the book make such a big difference in how you feel.
Yes, I have heard of her. I signed up for a while, but I was overwhelmed with all the emails. I do keep up with the "zones" of the house and do those with her. Actually, my house is pretty clean most of the time, it's just other areas I can't seem to be consistent in. Maybe I'll check out the book and see if I can get some help where I need it, thanks!
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