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KiraR - did you do your 8 minutes this morning?

I started this morning. I didn't do any warm up - except for a literal one for my back and ankle with a heating pad!

But then I went right from the cobra stretch into a few physical therapy exercises.

Are you doing anything else besides this? I try to walk at lunch time = 30 minutes/5x a week. On days when I work overtime, I am going to try to get a second one in. (2x a week)

My weekends are consumed with physical activity - a 12 hour day on Sat. and a 5-6 hour on on Sun - doing volunteer work at a wildlife sanctuary. One problem I have with my diet is that I am SOOOO busy, it's easy to grab fast food. Not because it's what I want, but what I have time for!

I am making a double batch of a turkey taco soup tonight and freezing it. Hopefully that will help.

Have a good day!
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