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Default Does milk making you very full point to lactose intolerance?

So milk has always made me.... REALLY full. I can eat a salad and have tons of room left for more food, but the second I drink an 8 oz glass of milk, I feel stuffed. Sometimes I can't even get it down. And I cannot eat much more. Today I ate one can of tuna, a salad, 5 strawberries, and a glass of milk and that felt like waaaaaaaaaaay too much food. I feel so bloated, like I overate.
So I was wondering, is that a sign of mild lactose intolerance? I personally use it as a tool when I can't eat a lot, since nothing fills me up like milk does (for only 100 calories it's like I ate a whole meal!), but suspect that my symptoms point to mild lactose intolerance. Anyway, I was just wondering. Thanks!
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