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Alias/Name:Sweater Girl/Ali (short for Alison)
Location:Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Hometown:Montreal Quebec, Canada
Birthday: October 2nd, 1977
Age (for those of us who don't like doing the math) : 25 (dang it now I have to say I am in my mid 20s)
Sign (for those of us who bite in astrology) : Libra
Marital Status:Single but in a relationship
Children:none but want some one day
Highest Weight:256
WW starting weight (if applicable) :243
Goal Weight (or size) : 155/8
Current Weight:high 160s (ouch)
Height: 5"6"
Education: BA in History from Bishop's University; Law Clerk Diploma from Algonquin College
Employment: HR assistant
Hobbies: movies, exercise, shopping, reading
Favorite type(s) of Exercises: Weight training, running, the elliptical
Long-term Career goals: I want to be a lawyer
Pets: none at my place.. at parents' place 2 dogs and a cat
How long have you been on-line: Since 1992 believe it or not!!
Where do you see yourself in five years: Don't know, I'll try and strive for the best for myself
If you're on WW do you like it?: Mostly, a little low on calories, but it did help me finally lose all my weigh
To get healthy mind, body and soul!

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