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hey, mine arrived actually is portion control, balanced meals & yes, snacking between meals & before bedtime
essentially 1 protein, 1 fast carb (grits, pasta, potato, beer, wine), 1 slow carb (non starch veg) for meal/ or 1 protein & 1 fast carb/or 1 protein & I think 3 slow carbs...anyway, if you stick to the portions ya know..not a great quantity of food ...casseroles are counted in lasagna w/meat & veg ingredients is your meal
however, you are encouraged to snack between meals: if it has a nutrition label 100 to 200 cal snack for women, up to 300 for a man (that is soo unfair), other wise a standard portion of other things like fruit, baked potato are encouraged to never go more than 3 hours without food all day up to 1 hour before bedtime...there is a fat that is to be used with each meal also (1 tablespoon ranch dressing to go with your unlimited celery or whatever carrot portion is)
oh if you want to eat a 1/2 palm sized chocolate chip cookie for your fast carb at a meal, you could...but as long as the cookie was under 200 cal, you could guiltlessly eat it for a snack I guess
I like the recipes & guides...not too shabby or crazy..but the doing...hmmm that has been my issue lately

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