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Thank you all so much for this thread. I tried a local diet delivery program years ago. It was great fresh food that was delivered every few days. The problem was I was not ready to diet and ended up adding to the meals to the point that I was not losing weight and just wasting my money. I had forgotten about these types of programs.

Fast forward to now when I AM seriously dieting. Trouble is now I'm going through a little burn out period. Not tired of dieting and by following SB for many months, my eating style has changed to healthy foods. I am tired of cooking for myself right now and wish I could take a little break.

I know from past experience that I am entering a very dangerous phase and this is where I would fail on past diets. My little break from meal preps would eventually lead to restaurant & takeout meals and we all know what happens when you dine out all the time. Eventually the bread basket wins.

I'm looking at some of the meal delivery plans now. I only want fresh food so that eliminated many of them. Right now I have it narrowed down to PureFoods (thanks Lauren) and Freshology. The Freshology menus are by far superior but it is very pricey and you can't customize your menu at all. PureFoods menus are very similar to how I eat now and they have lots of customizing options (and they are cheaper).

Thanks again for the thread. I'm going to look into taking my little respite from meal prep...a little spa-like vacation for myself for 2-3 weeks. Only this time I am going to do it the right way by eating right. Then I can go back to veggie chopping.

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