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I'm enjoying reading these reviews.

I've only done one home delivery plan that rarely gets mentioned here: Pure Foods Fresh Start. I love it and have been on it for 14 months. Have lost 70 pounds on it (for a total of 102). The food is fresh, not even frozen. No need to boil in bags or rehydrate. The meals are very healthy; almost no additives, low glycemic index, whole grains, healthy oils, etc. They offer a lot of vegetarian options as well as meat, poultry, fish. They've got about 3 weeks' worth of menus, which is plenty of variety for me (far more than I would prepare for myself). I go online every week and pick my meals.

Their snacks are very basic -- fruit, nuts, that kind of thing. I actually like this, but others have found them boring. For my evening snack, I usually have a square of dark chocolate (comes with the plan).

The customer service is outstanding, if you talk to them over the phone. Email not so much. It's a small outfit, so you get to know the folks there. They really work with you. I'm having my meals delivered to the cottage in Maine where we'll be vacationing, for example, in a few weeks.

Can't say enough good things about this hidden gem of a plan.

Good luck, whatever you choose!
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