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It's me again. Kaplods, I cannot find any mention of returning to PH1 even though I know many of the 100+ gals on the SB site do it.

Here's what I did find by Dr. A on the subject:

From the Why People Fail on This Diet article:

Looking for a Quick Fix

To a degree, failure is a result of the program's success. After two weeks, you begin reintroducing some of the carbs you cut out completely in Phase 1. You continue losing weight in Phase 2, but not at the same speed. Depending on how much you want to lose, it may take up to a year or even longer. For some, that's a disappointment, so they decide to stay on Phase 1 until they reach their goal. Now, I know plenty of dieters who have made that decision and succeeded — but I know plenty more who have failed.

Here's why: Phase 1 isn't meant to be a long-term eating plan. You're limited to a fairly small palette of foods, which — after two or three weeks — gets a little dull. That's when dieters begin to improvise — improperly. They mix in their old bad habits. They follow Phase 1, but they add in a handful of cookies at night, a small bag of corn chips one afternoon, or pizza and beer on the weekend. Before long, you're cheating more than dieting. When you realize how badly you've strayed, you might try Phase 1 again, only now it seems even more monotonous than it did the first time. You may just surrender. If you're lucky, you won't end up weighing more than you did before you started the diet.

This is why we strongly urge everyone to switch to Phase 2 after the second week, no matter how tempting it is to remain on Phase 1. This is a long-term diet, and the three-phase approach is an important part of its success. It may take longer to lose the weight, but your chances of keeping it off are much better.
I think I may have to re-think my thinking about yoyoing back & forth on PH1.

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