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Good for you, Ambershimmer! We can all reach "tipping points" or turning points and not recognise them for what they are. Sometimes we may choose to feel sorry for ourselves stuck half in and half out of a sportscar. Sometimes we haven't quite the courage yet to realise we really can change things and turn them around. So, congrats!

I am 45. In the last ten years I have been getting increasingly overweight and increasingly less mobile. Funnily enough the downward spiral started with plantar's fascititis (However you spell it!) so kudos to you bindersbee.

I haven't had any one big moment when I thought "This was it" but a lots of little ones where I decided to make specific changes.

I was in the chiropractor's office two months ago and I nearly wept. I was in such pain. My back was so stiff in the mornings I could barely get out of bed. I asked the chiropractor for some excercises and he advised me simply to start stretching.

One month ago I could at least move into the various positions and my ever sensitive chiropractor cracked, "It'd be easier to move if you weren't 90 years old." or something stupid like that.

So, I bought a book on how tomanage back pain by Hamilton Hall and he said, basically: you can live with the pain and let it win and circumscribe your life to "manage it." You can let the pain be in control and tell you how to live your life always careful of it, always trying to avoid it.

Or, you can accept the fact that there will always be some pain and you will control it. You will determine what you are going to do in your life and learn how to manage it.

That was one of the bigger "aha" moments for me. So, I immediately started to figure out how I could control the pain--instead of it controlling me.

And now I'm here.

Sorry--that got awfully long!
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