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Smile Later Tuesday

Hello all!

Dollar- hope your weighin went as you hoped! You're doing terrific!

Derek- I noticed your other posts looking for advise-- Since you're
15--, you might want to also make sure your research is related to Teenagers- also, women's daily calorie intake is usually less than men's so make sure you're checking both--
Also, I think you'll be pleasantly suprised to find out that men often lose much faster than women do-
You are doing the right thing by researching and asking questions--Keep in mind, if all those "diet promises" for sale out there really worked- none of us would be overweight.

Sarabella- You've already done the hardest part! The first step is always the hardest one! and I know people who have cheeseburgers at least once a week-- they plan for them--
I remember years ago, I used to think nothing topped eating bagels. And once a week, I'd have one -- for about 6 weeks- and then, the taste just didnt live up to that week long wait--

Take care all!

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