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Default Starting on Monday!

Is anyone still doing this?

I have lost 25 lbs. since June 10th. I use the Richard Simmon's foodmover to watch my food intake (it is basically a diabetic diet) and have tried many exercises but I am struggling.

I have a bad back (bulging disc in my lumbar) and NO TIME. I used to love to weight train, but I can't put in an intense workout at the gym. (I actually love lots of exercises, but the time/money/back issues always seem to get in the way)

I thought 8 minutes in the morning would give me a place to start - two weight training moves a day shouldn't irritate my back.

I am going to add some physical therapy moves to the cool down. I also walk around the park near my work at lunch. I love walking.

I would like to lose 15 more lbs, although toning up is getting more important than the overall scale report.

Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone's doing it. It's nice to find people to chat with who are doing the same thing.

Take care!
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