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There are a lot of thread here in which people have talked about PB2 and how people use it. Unfortunately you can't search PB2, because it's only three letters, but if you search using the words peanut butter powder or powdered peanut butter, you should find a lot of thread. Some even mention websites that sell it, if you can't find it locally.

If I see it locally, I'll definitely pick it up, but I use peanut butter so rarely that it doesn't seem sensible to buy online, because of the shipping costs.

I believe that it's basically defatted peanut flour, perhaps with added salt. I used to see defatted peanut flour (it's a byproduct of extracting peanut oil) in the health food store bins when I lived in central Illinois, but never had a use for it, so never bought it. Our local health food store doesn't carry it, but I keep looking. I'd ideally like to find it in the bins, because I can try a very small quantity.

It's fairly minimally processed as I understand it. It's not a chemical concoction, but rather peanuts which have been roasted, pressed to extract the oil, and then ground (or maybe it's pressed, roasted then ground).
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