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Smile The Gabriel method

Anyone interested in joining a thread for the Gabriel method? I started doing it a week ago and I just love it.

Some components of the method are similar to the setpoint diet, which I had great success on years ago. What happened? Trauma and letting it all fall by the wayside again. In Gabriel's analysis, on some level, I decided that fat would protect me from more trauma. A big part of the method is convincing both mind and body that it's safe (in fact safer) to be slim.

Here's what I've noticed so far:

* Mostly no desire to eat when I'm not hungry, sometimes an absolute aversion to food.
* A thrilling feeling of the possibilities of life.
* More energy.
* I'm HAPPY!
* More mental space because I'm not preoccupied with thoughts of food/how fat I am all day.
* More thinking about how to make sure my own needs are met, rather than how to cope with what I have to do to look after everything and everyone else.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I recommend the book. It's only about $10 from Amazon.

The only thing I don't really like is the guy's website, which is too hype-y and looks like every bogus plan website. It makes it look like a scam. But I suspect that's due to the site creators. I wish legitimate people would put more time and thought into their sites and make them better.

Anyway, that's my only gripe. I lost two pounds last week (I'm going to WW -- I'm paid up till Sept. so I'm not going to quit weighing myself.).

Anyone else trying/thinking of trying this?


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