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Here's another thing... There are about 16 hours in a day that you are awake. You are supposed to do something active for an hour or two a day... If I volunteer somewhere that will take up only a couple more hours... so there are still several hours a day where I am not doing much... Why not fill some in with WoW... Maybe I should have just left that out entirely. People see WoW and that's all they see and say to get rid of it. You know, that's my only Hobby and it's not that I am not happy with playing it, it's just I can't find much else to do besides that and I forget what I had planned to do that day so I just continue playing out of boredom. I dunno. I do know I can go over a week without playing it but with someone else paying for me to play I don't want to just chuck it... I have tried finding more creative things to do such as drawing, painting and other such things and this game is the only thing that has been successful in keeping me occupied having fun for more than 5 mins at a time. I dunno but just forget I said anything about what I play since clearly everyone is against it.
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