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Default A lesson from my mother

After a year in the hospital, losing both legs and living with complete renal failure for the past five or so years, my mother died last night. I am so relieved that she is not suffering anymore. The last two months of her life were brutal. She lived in constant pain, she had a mild stroke that left her right side of the face paralyzed. She suffered so much.

The decision was made on Monday to stop all medical treatment including dialysis. They reassured us renal failure is a peaceful way to go and she would slip into a coma and not feel any pain. They gave us a timeline of 3-7 days. It happened quickly.My dad and I were there holding her hands when she left us and she looked so peaceful.

It is a lesson learned not to end up in her situation. She ignored her diabetes for years and years and it eventually caught up with her. What a terrible disease it is when left untreated.

I do not (touch wood) have diabetes but it runs through both sides of my family. I know by being heavy I am dancing a fine line. I have no choice, I have to get this weight off. Just before I fell asleep last night I said to my husband "I know I have to die eventually, but I don't want it to be like that". I want to die an old woman in my bed having led the majority of my life healthy and happy.

I love you in peace.

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