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Just got home from the Petscan our appointment was 1:30PM and we had a 2hr wait [for another guy who was late for his appointment]to be finished before Leo could go in for his petscan.Its unbelieved that people do this and make other wait. We always there 30 mins before our scheduled appointments,why can't people do the same.

I was in pain after a while waiting I had to put my leg on another chair to keep it elevated.Poor Leo was famished by the time we came home I had lots of granola & cheese bars with me but he didn't wait to eat at that time.

I have my MRI results on Thursday.You & I both hope that I didn't have a long thrown on event with my ankle.

It was a long long day,I ready for bed.

See you gals in the morning
Hugs Maryann

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