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yup bodies are weird!! jeans are a nightmare to buy for me, so when i DO stumble across some, I buy 3 or 4 pairs!!! I always take the advice of Stacy&CLinton on 'What not to Wear' of "always dress the biggest part of you" and then tailor down. I've got a wicked sewing machine and hubby bought me a surger a few years back that just whips thru denim yay! SO, as you say, you can put darts in them -- if they're such a huge bargain, I'd keep them and put a bit of time into making them work for ya!

and yes, trying to save$$$ on groceries is on everyone's mind. I have to say I'm a big fan of the freezer! make a big batch (which is always cheaper) portion it out for instant control, and freeze 'em up! Also, I'm always on here saying "Wow I never batted an eye at an 8$ combo from Wendy's, WHY am I even debating the 99cents a pound bananas?????" LOL stupid bodies! stupid brains! heheheh

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