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OK, I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK ~ just like a proverbial pest ... We had our dinner (I had cabbage rolls and DH had Lasagna, as he doesn't care for CR's too much); I had baked apples for dessert and DH had a chocolate pudding. Then I did the dishes and filled up the birdies feeder, fed NIKO; and now I can do whatever I want for the rest of the evening ... phew!

HI ROSEY ~ from one ROSE to another, to our thread; it's nice to have someone new join us who understands our issues and predictaments so well (as much as I wish we all didn't have them). You've been through a lot over the last while too. I'm so glad that your family came through for you and have helped you to modify your home so you can live at home where you should be (IMHO).

I have worked in four (4) nursing homes or long-term care facilities for those with serious health issues (not just age-related); so, I can really relate to why you want to stay in your own home: that is my greatest desire as well. This place isn't too bad, but there is room for improvement and it is hard to make them in a private, rental place. We have good landlords though, and we'll stay here as long as we can live here comfortably. So far, we are adjusting pretty well ...

I am following a portion-based program, whole foods, volumetrics-type (lots of low-cal veggies); watching my sugar and processed carbs as well, as I was pre-diabetic [my numbers were good today -- 5.3], but have to keep my eye on them regularly. It's like the old diabetic portion plan from years ago: I find it very easy to follow; but I do measure things like cereal and cooked pasta, and so on.

For exercise, I have hand-weights, do chair aerobics, toning reps like tummy & butt crunches , ez yoga-type stretches (of course, for the physically challenged ) , Tai Chai for beginners, and plain walking -- when and as I can do that. I like the chair aerobics as you can do reps and make your arms stronger; and I also use a stretchy band a little as well.

This may sound crazy, but I'm thinking of buying myself A SET OF DRUMS, as I love music so much and someone told me that playing the drums is easy to learn and burns lots of energy. I have wanted to do that for quite some time, but just never did it -- it was one of those secret little dreams that I always wanted to make come true some day, ya know . I think this year will be the year ...

Well, DH is feeling much better; actually, looks and acts like his old self to me. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. He's been out and about doin' his hobbies the last few days; tomorrow he is going to stay home as the weather has gone from to cloudy right now .... hmmm. May be in for some tonight.

Well, that's all the news for now and that's a lot to read anyways; looks like a novel from here. So, take good care ladies, and isn't it nice to know that we can come here and there are people who not only care about us, they also truly, truly understand what we are going through too! Have a great evening and a THRILLING THURSDAY!!! ROSEBUD
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