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Hi rosey from alaska,i found your thread and can relate and wondered if u mind if i join in your group? I usually post in the diabetic section(one of my many issues) but i am also handicapped using a wheelchair and the last yr my whole life has turned unside down and im now going down a diff road not of my choosing..i found your comments inspiring and the issues we have similar to mine and thought maybe i found a home and some support for myself here with u 60,married,2 daughters whoalso are married,4 grkids,live in a log home with 3 fuzzy(dogs) children.. i have had back injuries and pain all my life and 1 leg partially paralized,last april the injury flared up and i lost the feeling in the other leg..which led to surjury x 3 and a hospital stay for 4 1/2 moths,infections and catching mersa..was told i would never walk again and was to be put in a nursing home..after many dark hrs all i wanted was my home and family..and begged to be given a chance in rehab as the surjury cured the pain but my legs and feet are still numb..anyways with the help of family,drs and therapists i am now walking with a walker and using a wheel chair and most impt im home..i was sent home with home health care,iv,s and lots to weeks later iwas back in the hospital for another surg as the infection traveled to my wrist and i could get around..another 2 weeks in the hosp and then home to pick up my life..after crying and feeling sry for myself i decided that God had given me a 2nd chance that i survived for a reason and i to find joy in the cards dealt to with the help of my dh and friends and my sil and dd we made my home handicap acessable,bathrm chairs,rails wheelchair ramps,lift took awhile but i have learned to do all i did befor and then some just in a diff way..this winter was hard on me as i couldnt get out becus walking on ice with numb feet is i went from completely dependent(couldnt even go to the bathrm alone) to being able to stay by myself for days as my dh enjoys the outdr things he loves..not every day is an A+ day.. and i dont want to be a burden on my family..somedays i just need a sympatheic ear..those days when everything falls on the floor and i cant reach them..or want to go shopping and cant u know those days and your words in your posts inspire life is good but somedays i just want to cry for what was and what isnt and u all seem to understand what diets do you follow and are u able to exercise any advice would please me so..and can i give kind words to all of you rosey

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