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HI LADIES ~ well, we had another beautiful day today; and the temps reminded us of an early summer day -- 73-75 F. Spent a while on the deck to catch some rays. Decided to really make today a 'rest' day and didn't do any extra chores, just the regular daily stuff like meals and dishes. Did do a light tidy of the bathroom which I do regularly anyways.

We had a lovely steak dinner tonight with mushrooms & onions and salad; plus a few 'small' new potatoes (I made DH hamburger steak, which he prefers). THis is a perfect dinner for a hot, summer-like, Spring day ...

I was good and put my feet up twice today already, and will do this again this evening. I also had a bit of special kind of cool hops concoction just before dinner, and that really helped my feet and legs feel much better ~ a very pleasant side effect, I must say -- and this is something DH says that I would do well to remember! Haha!

NIKO and I are going out onto deck for some fresh air to take in the last of the sun for this evening. We got my stained-glass suncatcher put up in my kitchen window today -- finally. Dh kept putting it off, then he'd forget and so on; I told him that that was his first job this morning and that's that [oh dear, what grammar; that's probably way too many thats in one sentence]. It looks really pretty there though too; the suncatcher, that is...

Well, other than putting out some food for my birdies and watching them fight over the NIGER SEEDS (and, we can't believe just how much they Looovvveee Niger Seeds; so it looks like we will be buying a much bigger bag next time), we had a nice, leisurely and uneventful day. Hope all you ladies are also having lovely weather and enjoying yourselves outside a bit as well.

Take good care and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!ROSEBUD
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