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I'd like to join your group! I've been lurking around 3FC for awhile and haven't really found a group I fit in with yet.

I started a 12 week body for life program yesterday (Monday). My goal for this month is to follow this program, which includes working out intensely 6 days per week and eating 5-6 balanced meals 6 days a week (with one free day, for me that's Sunday, no exercise and eat whatever).

I'm hesitant to set a number goal but I'd like to be firmly into the 2-teens by the time the end of the month rolls around. I'm considering buying some calipers so maybe I can have some goals that involve BF% as well.

To recap, my May goals are:
1. To workout according to my schedule and not miss any days
2. To eat well, even when I'm working. This means packing my food and eating every few hours even if it's inconvenient. No food from the officer's dining room (yummy and free but not at all good for you!).
3. Continue to drink a minimum of 80 oz of water a day.
4. To resist the scale obsession and attempt to weigh myself just once per week.

That's enough for now! I hope it's ok that I crashed your thread.
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