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I have a cold and had to go to the doc to get a prescription for some serious steroids because my asthma is triggered by colds. Hopefully I won't need them, but I do need to have them on hand, just in case...

My doc hasn't seen me in 10 months, so when I walked into her office, her jaw dropped - she immediately had me hop on her scale. I am down two more pounds from last week. 168!! She had a bit of a surprise for me though - my high weight, as of two years ago, was actually 210 pounds! I must have blanked that number out of my memory! I didn't have a scale back then, so I guess it was never driven home.

On the one hand, it means I have lost more weight than I thought (yay!), but on the other, it means I was fatter than I thought (serious bruise to my vanity! !).

mauvaisroux - if you ever manage to drag your DH to dance class, let me know what arguement worked! I'd love to go with mine, but every time I hint at it he says it's not his thing (I think he's too shy).

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