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HI LADIES ~ we had a gorgeous sunny day today -- all day, so I got lots of good things done today. I did some laundry and washed my cushions for my couch/sofa as well. NIKO and I stayed home and rested whilst Dh took our friends to the doctors in the city. We sat out on the porch in that warm & cozy sunshine this afternoon too. Then I put my legs up for a rest until DH got home.

Just had a lighter dinner tonight, with some coleslaw; also make a lovely, homemade veggie-beef soup and it that for lunch: very filling and yummy. NIKO got into some muck outside tonight and left paw prints everywhere, so DH washed the kitchen floor for me as I was soooooooooooo tired. That was very nice of him, since he let him out there to play!

HI PURPLE ~ you are so right, as my health problems increased, I started avoiding going to certain places. Some places are just not very accessible ie too many stairs for me, so I stick to those places that are better. They win in my books, simply becuz they thought about accessibility when doing business.

We have looked into some things; no place around here loans wheelchairs or rents them anymore, but two companies from the city will rent you one by the month or year. We don't know the cost of that though. They send a rep down here once a week or month and you go and arrange for this. We have also decided to look into something second-hand to buy as that may be an option if we can access them. I'll have to call first and see just how much they charge per month.

Well, it's time to get these legs up again; and that's all the news for now from here, so take good care, ladies ... ROSEBUD
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