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Hi Ladies

Typical bank holiday weather here it is raining . My DH went out early this morning to go and get a newspaper whilst I was still in bed. He took Rizzie for a little stroll DH said was very reluctant to get out of bed and then was even less impressed when he found out it was raining Though on the walk he was as good as gold. I think that was due to last night on the walk in the evening he was in the preverbal doghouse after his antics. We have one of those extendable leads it was not on full extension only out a little way. Though for some reason he chased after a cat pulling on poor DH shoulder. Normally he never reacts Rizzie unless something makes the first move as he is very placid. So whether the cat took a swipe at him and that set him off I do not know. The next door neighbours have 2 cats but he has never chased them the only thing he does is stand and stare at them virtually nose to nose on several occasions Needless to say the cat shot up a tree and Rizzie was told off.

Made some muffins yesterday that were very low in fat, only used egg white and pureed pear instead of fat. The only fat came from our semi skimmed milk. Need to tweak the recipe more in my opinion as it is a little high in sugar for my liking with 6oz of sugar (3/4 cup). I did use half and half sugar which is half sugar and half sweetener but still I would like to get it down somewhat. I made blueberry muffins and they tasted good. Another sneaky way to get fruit into DH what with the pureed pear and blueberries I thought that was quite a bonus. All DH see is muffin not the sneaky bits of fruit I have put in

ROSEBUD Yes some people just don't get that our disability stops us from doing things due to the pain or it is just too plain far to walk. They see you on your good days and think that you are like that all the time so just are making excuses.

I don't know about you but you just gradually stop doing the things that you liked to to as your are unable to walk the distance it isn't until you stop and take stock do you realise how much you have given up without realizing. I am sure when you do eventually get the scooter and do various things that you haven't done in such a long time will you understand how much you had stopped doing. I am sure that is going to be the case for for me whenever I have to use a scooter. I think the first time I will use one is hire on from the scheme we have in our city called shop mobility where you hire for a small deposit of 5 (about $8) which allows you access to the shops around Nottingham without having to walk the great distance that some are.

I had never heard of Joni Eareckson Tada until you mention this inspirational lady so I have been to the internet search engine and enlightened myself further. Yes your right we all have our bad days even those people like Joni who are great advocates of channeling our negative energies in to positive ones. Like you I have my bad days and have a little weep and then pick myself up. I often get like that if I am exceptionally tired and then mole hills can seem like mountains. With a good nights sleep things are in perspective again no longer are those mole hills mountains to climb. I realise we are human and this happens to everybody whether they have a disability or not. It is just part and parcel of life and the path we all travel along. Thankfully I don't often feel that way so I have been blessed and someone is looking over me.

Glad I made you smile about my hair at the moment I am trying to grow out a fringe (bangs). I plait my hair every night to go to bed so it keeps it tamed but my fringe part at the minute is not long enough to catch into the plait. It has a long way to go and like watching a kettle boil it seems to take forever when watching it . So until the moment I can tame it my hair in the morning is very unruly

No further news at present I can think of. So I will close and go off and make a cuppa Hope your all having a wonderful bank holiday dispute the weather not being exactly sunny


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