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Hi ladies

Well I have gone and got myself right confused this morning and though a previous post had been munched by the cyber fairies so proceeded to type a new one I then found out if I had used my eyes, plus brain properly this was not the case and could have spent a whole lot less time posting this. So I have had to start again.

Yesterday turned out to be a rather busy one as we went to the farmers market to get some bits and pieces. Namely the jam (apple and blackberry) plus some no added sugar wholemeal scone. After the farmers market I went for coffee and due to the business of the cafe asked a lady to join us. The elderly lady was lovely so interesting to talk too and she was from Yorkshire but not far from where we are to holiday later this year.

Then I cracked on with some housework and that seemed to take a good long while longer than anticipated I must admit. Then I cooked dinner by then I was all done in. Not a lot of energy in the pot I must admit. For tea I did a casserole, then had some stewed apple/blackberries which was lovely.
I am so glad we went blackberry picking they are coming in handy now.

VALDINE Glad you have dropped by to tell us of your plight. I know how debilitating fatigue can be. Sorry you feel it calls for desperate measures. I really hope that things get sorted quickly for you regarding a prescription for amantadine.

I do not think myself as resilient strange how others view us. One attitude I have had is I will not let MS rule me I will rule the MS and that is my take on it which has held me in good stead.

Do not underestimate yourself look at what you have achieved and done in your life. You have a full time job, you own your own home and do things on the council they are things to be proud of. I had not achieved so much at your age plus deal with the ups and downs of MS. I think we all think others cope far better than we do but in fact not always the case we forget our own struggles we have overcome.

Glad your boss knows about your MS and so "telling them" was not so bad after all. I am sure that is a weight off your shoulders now you have let them know and your not worrying about that. Your not rambling on about your health we know what struggles we have all to over come with dealing with different challenges. Having a sounding block is sometimes good and helps you sort the matter out. In a way having MS or other disabilities can be isolating as frequently we know no one with the disease itself. Up until just over a year ago I knew no one with MS and that was hard at times.

ROSEBUD Yes the period of adjustment has been hard for me as I am miss independent and a stubborn old moo . Though eventually even I realised the time had come to use a walking stick full even with DH. A bitter pill to swallow but at least I am mobile. We have talked over about the future my DH and I about the possibility of needing scooter. Though if that gives me the mobility and quality of life I need I will use it. I am sure though I will not go so gracefully into using one though I can understand the heart ache and the tears your DH and you share. I am sure though the scooter will give you the quality of life that you do not have at present plus open up a whole new world of things you can do together which at present you can't as your unable to walk that far. I am sure when you do some things together that you haven't for ages due to your decreased mobility you will be so pleased that you took the step to use the scooter.

I am sure my DH is worried about my MS and my future but never lets me see typical British man stiff upper lip and all that Men here in the UK do not show their feelings they translate that as being weak for some bizarre reason I am sure that the MS centre has been a great release for him being able to talk to other carers in the same boat as him.

Time to go and do my hair as at present looks as though I have put my fingers in the socket and had a fright So take care of yourself and will drop by soon.


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