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HI LADIES ~ Well, we had a mishmash of weird weather today: we started out with sun, then some nasty clouds rolled in from the west and brought rain, then this afternoon, some big snow storms rolled in with lightening and thunder ... even. And indeed, the flakes were GIANT in size ... tres, tres, weird. Most of it melted except the last big fall just before dark.

I had to disconnect my PC, but when it all stopped, I hooked everything back up. I had put our chicken in the oven to heat up while I cooked veggies and new potatoes, but a fuse burned out and when I went to get out the chicken it was still cold. So ... we just heated it up in the microwave; thank goodness it was precooked! Dinner was a tad late becuz of that though ...

HI VAL ~ See, we thought as much: that your boss already knew about your MS; things like that get around, and not necessarily for a bad reason, and if someone told me they had MS, that IS something that I would recall. I'd bet many people admire how hard you try while living with such a challenge as MS. I also think it's nice that you have a co-worker with the same condition that can be a good support to your right there in your work place as well.

I also think it's better if you get your own px for MS meds; for safety reasons and to make sure your doctors know all the meds you are on. I have had to accept that I can't do what I used to, and it isn't easy; it's a daily thing sometimes. My faith is what gets me through really; and I don't know what I would have done without it all my life, and even more so now.

Don't worry about ranting about your illness and stuff like that; that's what we are here for. Purple and I commiserate about our daily challenges all the time; and how can we support each other if we don't know what the other is going through at the time? Sadly, the move we had to make last fall really set me back physically. I was hoping that over the winter, with lots of rest that things would improve, but they haven't yet so far. I actually find it harder to walk now and don't get out as much as I would like to.

I am having to face that I need some more assistive devices now, like I mentioned in my last post. Some days, I have to use two canes just to be able to walk around my home. I hate to take too many pain pills, so I only take them when I absolutely have to or when I am going out. I try to go out walking/shopping once a week and from spring to fall, will try to get out for at least a drive. I hope to do short walks (about 5-10 minutes) out at the lot this summer, but we are gonna see if I can get an electric scooter type thing ... I just have to accept this.

I'll be honest with you that this has made both me and my DH very sad, and we have both cried a lot; but we just have to accept it ... we just have to! And like I told DH, if I can get a scooter, that would likely IMPROVE MY QUALITY OF LIFE, and that's a positive thing really! I know like BEVERLYJOY, that the adjustment will be hard for me, but I'm praying that GOD will help me and keep my spirits up.

And eventually, my tears will turn to joy when I see that I can actually do more with more mobility. We are trying to find out where I can get such a thing or how, and we are now looking into this. I know two people who use an electric chair/scooter to get around and canes to access the few places they can't take the scooter like Tim Horton's, which really should do something about the lack of accessability, I must say.

I think that's one thing that I have been afraid of -- what family and friends will say or think when they see me in one; and the other is, will I be able to go to places I'd like to go to? So ... we will see what happens, and I will keep you all posted as we go along.

Anyhow, that's enuff crying for tonight: my broken heart will mend in time; and my sweet JESUS will carry me through some how, some way. And, DH has nice hoppin' music on and it is very pleasant to listen to. He is feeling much better tonight; his back is getting stronger; and we are so grateful. We figured it would take a good week.

We hope that you all have a peaceful and serene SUNDAY tomorrow. We will make it my friends, we will make it! Take good care and have a nice Saturday night! ROSEBUD
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