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MM- Here I am; back again after MIA for a few days. This cold bug got me zapped!

Nix- I'm on the mend. Let's try to get 30 mins in 4 days this week!

Jcat- How's the wii fit? I don't use mine nearly enough

JL- Don't let people run you down. I worked in retail for a long time as I was finding my way. Some of the best life learning I had was during that time.

Jay- I hear about TOM. Let's make a pact that it's not gonna screw up the eating any more!

E32 & FAB- I've been stuck in the 160s for about a year.

HolyT- How's it going?

MTig- Seems like it's lots of rain everywhere these days.

This week I lost #1 just by watching what I was eating. Now I got to get back to exercising. Leslie S, in one of her videos says something like, "the more you sit the more you want to sit". I think that's true for me.

Any ideas for mini challenge next week? How about the stretchie bands again?
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