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You were complaining awhile ago that your doctor and dietitian didn't seem to be taking you seriously about your eating disorder problems. Well, here's a reasonable plan for you to try from your dietitian.

So, why not do what is recommended! And if you have questions, ask your dietitian about it. Why would you pay someone for recommendations, and then ask just any old person who logs onto a website to tell you what to do? We generally aren't experts here--except some of us know how to lose weight ourselves. (And a lot don't even seem to know that yet.)

Why do you think you "have" to be 24 percent body fat if the device says 20? Those devices aren't the most accurate, but they aren't unreasonable. If 20 percent is correct, then you have too little body fat. This is probably due to your having been on a very restrictive way of eating with too few calories.

Try it. Don't weigh every day. Do the program faithfully for 2 months and see what happens. What would be wrong with that?

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