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Goodmorning girls

I am here to officially report a 4 lb. loss for the month (put 1/2 lb. back) and to congratulate everyone on our month and say ty so much to all of you for the sharing, support, encouragement and for making it a fun month! .

I was looking for a particular post but couldn't find it. ANyhow just wanted to say (at the 2lb. loss) you did NOT fail! If I looked at myself as failing everytime I didn't meet my weight loss goals i set for myself, I would be in big troulbe! lol Congrats on that loss, to all losses. To those of you who may not have had a loss wtg on hanging in there and working at it, that is a step in the right direction in itself! : ) We get a fresh start, starting today in our new thread! Let's keep on truckin girls . Hope to see you all there.
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