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Hi Ladies

Wow yet again another month is upon us in a flash so Happy 1st of May. Today here the weather is lovely so no complaints there, went out on our daily walk today though the weather did look as though it was going to turn to rain at one point and we were going to get drenched for our troubles The weather held off and we had a pleasant walk after all thankfully. Must have been our day to see smoking vehicles on the way there a car exhaust was chucking out smoke and smelt horrid to boot. Then on the way back a bus with a police escort was pouring out smoke via the exhaust causing a plume of white smoke in its wake.

Been busy really today since the moment I got up as after breakfast was our daily walk. Then shortly after returning I was doing the preparation and cooking of dinner. Decided to do a twist on a dish I have made before which uses frozen raspberries. This time I used a mixture of frozen berries and it turned out lovely. All you do is thaw the berries until they are very nearly defrosted. Then you drain the juice and discard this. Then mash with the back of a fork to a jam like consistency. This takes a bit of elbow grease or shall I say wrist Or you can cheat like me and use a hand blender or ordinary blender to achieve the same thing in less time and less hard work. Then if necessary use a little sweetener to sweeten especially if you have a sweet toothed DH like mine Then you just layer a spoon full of the fruit mixture and then a spoon full of plain yoghurt (or low or zero fat substitute) into a desert glass continue to do this until you have the desired amount. There we have it a simple dessert which is easy to make but looks pretty.

After lunch I have then gone on to prepare vegetables for a casserole, and for serving steamed alongside the casserole. That seemed to take a long time you do not realise that the preparation for a casserole takes so much of your time. I have then gone on to make sandwiches for tea also so now I can spend most of my time relaxing now the bulk of the work is out of the way.

VALDINE So nice to hear from you and sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it due to the fatigue element of MS. I know a little of what you are experiencing and I do not have the added element of working full time. So I have the luxury of sleeping or resting when ever I need to due to the fatigue. I have also been prescribed amantadine 100mg one tablet twice a day. I do get some benefit from it though it is not a miracle worker. There are other medication out there on the market so if this does not work for you for whatever reason don't give up talk to your doctor to try another route. I can not suggest medications as here medications are under different names frequently and secondly they may not have been licensed in Canada

I can understand your dilemma in telling people at work about your MS but like you are finding out you maybe cornered by your illness into telling them. I am sure it will not be as bad as you have imagined telling them and their reaction. Though I know that we play through our minds the worse case scenario but so frequently it is not like that at all. I don't know if people view the illness differently there to the UK but I find people have been very helpful on the whole towards me. Maybe a bit too helpful if you know what I mean at times but I know they mean well. I did have to address the issue with my parents but did it in a nice manner saying I will ask for their help when I need it. They accepted it well and no friction caused between us. You may have to be prepared to address the same issues as I have but I am sure if you do this tactfully the outcome will be positive. Let us know how you go on with this matter.

ROSEBUD The spit chicken sure does sound nice though I am not sure if I could get hold of it in the UK. Sounds like you still remain busy and kept out of mischief

Reading of the sad scenario of the gentleman your mum cared for whom was quadriplegic makes me realise how lucky I am. I was reading in a book at the MS centre about a lady now whom has taken up the new scheme we have for disabled people who need care from nurse(s). It now allows the the person in question to be in charge of their own care as they are the employer effectively. They get x amount money for there care and they can employ who they want and they call the shots so to speak. Like the lady in the article said now I choose what time I get up and what time I go to bed rather than being told what to do. Yes she said at the beginning she went through a learning curve but she is now a 100% happier. She now employs 4 people to care for her daily needs and socialization to coffee mornings, church etc. For me this is a move in the right direction allowing people to have the same basic rights as some one who does not have challenges in their life. She also said for the first time since she had required help she had began to "live" and even persuaded nurses to take her on some of her more hair brained schemes as she put it such as sailing in a square-rigged tall ships especially adapted to take a whole host of disabled conditions.

It is sad to see that food banks have popped up all over due to the economic climate. I am not sure that we have such things here but we do have drop in centres where you can get a warm meal daily. Plus on the streets the salvation army and such organization (some none religious) have "soup kitchens" where they give out warm food in the evening. They were called soup kitchens from the times past when soup was given out, I still think soup is given but other things maybe also.

I will have to close now as I have become very tired and need a little lie down to recharge those batteries. So take care till next time

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