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Your whole post is brilliant. Brilliant. I nodded my head in agreement throughout.

I definitely, DEFINITELY agree that majority of weight loss occurs in the brain. Ones thinking and attitudes about food and exercise. Not to dread it, but to embrace it. Not to be "sad" about making the lifestyle change, but to be happy and excited to do it. To "want" to make these changes. Willingly and happily.

It just amazes me how so many of us, when we get to "that point", how very similar we are. It's like we're all reading each others minds. It's like we've actually GOT the same minds. Certainly the same mind frame.

The book goes into great detail about goal setting, reframing, affirmations, attitudes and beliefs, self-talk etc.
Meg, that book sounds like a winner to me. I rely on those things - HEAVILY.
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