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oh dear. my first reaction was 'here we go again,' with someone who goes through ALL THIS and seems to be determined to make no changes.

but it's more than this. you see, a couple of years ago, i ran across a man who weighed more than 450 at surgery, and had JUST been cleared to return to work. His first day back to work - he PROUDLY reported - he ate an entire dunkin donut. HE WAS HAPPY about that!!!!

see - it's all about ATTITUDE - if people - like your friend, Looking, and that man - go into any of the surgeries with the goal of figuring out how to EAT AROUND it, they're pretty much guaranteed to fail. But if we go into this determined to make it work, and to follow directions [which really come down to a healthy way of eating and exercising, with added vitamins and medical checkups], we'll be OK.

ATTITUDE, darlin - people have to WANT to make this work more than they want a doughnut or fast food.
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