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Originally Posted by LookingForMeAgain View Post
Quick question for you gals that have been thru it.........My friend had it done BUT she is not following a healthy diet Yes she is keeping her protein up and yes she says she is eating the calories they gave her but she is eating junk. She eats taco bell, chicfila, mcdonalds ect every day and Im not talking salads. I know with gastric bypass you can die from eating those foods is that the same with lapband? I know she isnt doing herself any favors but can she die from that behavior? Im really worried about her. Obviously its pointless if your going to continue to eat nothing but junk.
I will admit though I've cheated with fast food a few times the last couple of years, I haven't died from it (obviously). But a steady diet of it will defeat the purpose of the lap band, not to mention the stuck episodes some of these foods could cause. I know a few people who have actually been nauseated and regurgitated fast food once they have been banded.

Even some of the fast food salads can be defeating, by the way. This is why I do most of my preparations at home.
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