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Smile Here I am!

Ok - FINALLY have time to post!!
Actually, I tried to post the other day from work but there is some security thing at our office that prevents me from posting! Apparently we are supposed to be actually working! How ridiculous.

Anwyay, PINK I can't believe that trip! What a story!! You are some friend for going through all that trouble! Really, I can't believe that about the brick thru your windshield - that's just wrong!

So, I had a good week - nothing too crazy went on. Thurs I had a slice of homemade pizza, but it wasn't big so I'm cool with that. And today I had a margarita (came with a pedicure). IT WAS SO AWESOME! But it wasn't big or anything, so I think it's cool.

I should be ok with the occasional splurge. Which brings me to a little venting I wanted to do earlier this week. This is about ladies in my office. OK, one lady is on nutrisystem. She had repeatedly asked me to join with her (which I felt slightly uncomfortable about since I hadn't even discussed going on a weight loss program yet). Excuse me, that is kinda personal. SO, anyway I told her I'd like to see the food, and then lo-and-behold it was horrible. Later I joined Jenny (when I was ready). She knows I get weighed on the weekend, so Monday morning, before I can even take off my coat, she accosts me and says "how much did you lose?". Not "good morning", not "hey how's it going?". So I told her how I lost 7 lbs. and she left me alone. Then a few days later I see her in the lunch room and she says "how is everything?", I say "great", she says "did you cheat?". WHAT? What kind of thing is that to say? AND just the day before another coworker overheard me talking about Jenny and says "are you really on it, or are you cheating?" WHAT is with these people? How rude!

And "cheating"? This is not some crash diet - it's a life change! I am learning a new way to LIVE! There is no "cheating" - it's moderation!
ANYWAY, I just had to get that off my chest b/c I think some people are just RIDICULOUS! and rude. I wish I had something sassy to say back to them.

Alrighty, I feel better having posted that.

Food notes: the salmon is very good, LOVE LOVE LOVE the french toast, cookout chicken is too saucy for me. I heard that the pomegranite cherry crystal lite is awesome, so getting some of that soon. I heart mango fruit salad from whole foods & zbars.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in for week 2! WOOHOO!! GO GO GO GO!!

Have a great weekend,
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