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Question Where do the contestants on The Biggest Loser go after they are booted off?

This isn't as weird as it sounds. Think about it. You have, say 15 competitors. Only 3 make it to the finals. So there are, say 12 competitors that are let go before the final week. This show is taped months in advance -- there is no gap between the show where the final 3 are named and the season finale. But in reality, the final 3 contestants "go home" for the last few months prior to the taping of the finale. The identity of the "final 3" is a closely guarded secret, or else the season would be boring. SO, IF contestants go home 24 hours after being let go, why don't we know who the final 3 are months ahead of time? The show features a huge welcome home party, and sometimes the contestants speak before city crowds and all. If this happens 24 hours after they go home, why don't we know who the final 3 are long before the season actually airs? You would think that there would be enough online info about which contestant just came home to figure it out. And you can't keep 45 family members silent about who just came home. And these contestants become public personalities in their local town. Undoubtedly they would be spotted by SOMEONE IF they were home right after elimination.
Or do they not go home at all until after the final 3 are announced? And are the "welcome home" segments are shot then?
I've often wondered about this...
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