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I am so unhappy. I dont like to go out...none of my clothes fit me...and I just feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
For me steady, consistent weight loss could not occur until I reached the point where the desire to be thin, fit and healthy OUTWEIGHED the desire for the food. That was a very great place to finally be. Because then I was WILLING, more then WILLING to do what was necessary to lose the weight permanently. I was WILLING to stick to my plan. Because I wanted to be thin MORE THEN I wanted the food.

For some reason, my eating has been worse then ever for the past 2 weeks. When I get home from work, i eat everything that doesnt move.

I dont know where to start to get back on track...any advice?
For starters, I'd get everything out of the house that doesn't move. No, really, get rid of the junk!!!! You can't eat it if it's not there. And by all means have a PLAN in place. Set yourself up for success. Have good healthy foods to come home to, so that when you feel the need to eat it will be something healthy.

I'd also eat a light healthy snack BEFORE I got home, so as not to be ravenous when you arrive.

But probably the very, very first place to start would be with the DECISION to lose the weight. DECIDE to lose the weight. And then make that COMMITMENT that Heather spoke about.
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