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hi there I have been battling with my wieght for almost 5 years now, to cut it short I am weighing 201lbs, i stand at 5ft 3, I suffer from high blood pressure (since I had my two little ones, 5 yrs total), I lso suffer from High Cholesterol, fluid retention and severe acid reflux. till this day my Blood pressure has been a battle, and only now after 3 yrs of testing different pills, it is lowered, only if i stay on a pill though...... I gain and lose around 4lbs almost every month, I figure this is fluid, I exercise 3 times a week, (I have been slack the last 2 weeks) , and I have turned my eating habits right around, and have introduced my family to a better healthier and yummier eating plan, We buy strictly organic food, and eat greens , veges, and fruits daily, and consume them heartedly.... I love my veges so the diet change hasn't been a struggle..... I just can't lose any weight, and all my doctor wants to do is run me through a number of blood tests, and then leave me with him saying " you need to lose weight".... he doesn't help me at all...... I broke down in his office 2 weeks ago, and he offered me a referal to see a dietician.....

I am on an HMO, through "Exclusive Car". county insurance. I haven't verified if they will cover it, but in your opinion.... would I need to do the dietician thingy first?

I am depressed!!, I hate looking at myself, I feel disgusted.. and I get so down, nothing I wear is comfortable and everything I wear looks ugly on me.

anyway I am not sure what I am asking, but wanted to vent, and I just want some help, I don't trust Pills, and don't want to opt for any diet pills. and I don't think I am a candidate for Bypass surgery right?... so how do I lose weight!!!...
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