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Originally Posted by squeak351 View Post
Binder! woohoo! That's wonderful. I can only dream of the 190's right now.

Ladies it has been a really rough week for me but finally this morning I got up with my motivation back. This is the point where I usually give up and end up gaining more weight but HECK NO not this time. I have already walked a lap today and will do 2 more after work to make a mile, plus I will be doing tons of errands this afternoon and running around. While survivor is on tonight I will be peddling like mad on my stationary bike. I also have logged all my food for today and yesterday.

I have some good news. They found the murderer of my FIL's cousin. He was a 22 year old crack head who stole pills and his pistol. My FIL's cousin was more like his brother. He has been so distraught that my whole family has been on a emotional rollercoaster. He was a 68 year sickly man who probably was 100 lbs soaking wet and topped off no more than 5'4". Such a shame. I still can't fathom what happened. The murderer is in custody and has confessed to several people, including his own family. Let's all pray that justice will be served.

My other good news- yesterday I took DD to have a endoscope and colonoscopy. For years she has cried with her stomach hurting. I have been through 6 doctors and every med on the market for stomach pain. I have been told it was acid reflux, too much acid, not enough acid, her diet, you name it. Finally I found a dr willing to do testing and not just guessing. She has BILE reflux. Her whole stomach is inflamed and full of little ulcers. Looks like raw hamburger meat. The meds they have been giving her were not effective against bile. So finally some answers and she is on the correct meds. We go back in two weeks to find out about the biopsies they took but otherwise the doctor said it could have been much worse and this was prob. what was wrong the whole time. She is 11 now and has cried with her stomach since birth basically. Such a shame but I am so thankfull it was something that could be fixed.

That's about it from me. Today is beautiful out a little chilly. Got to get some grocery shopping done and have to run by walmart. I will be pooped before I make it home tonight.
I am so sorry for you FIL loss and thankful they caught who did it. So sad.

wow, your poor daughter, what a lot to go through at such a young age. Glad you got the right diagnosis and correct meds.

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