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Medifast is very similar. Truly the best program out there is one that focuses on helping you change your thinking. Pretty much all work while you do it, then you stop, you go back to the old behavior & guess what....what's that ol' saying..."if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten". I'm not a fan of MCR, I think they prey on our desire & truly careless about us keeping it off. But if we kept it off we wouldn't come back & spend more $. I have kept my weight off for three years now & it isn't becuase of MCR, it's because I started really looking, you got to know the calories, look at it like $ how much will that cost me & is it really worth it. Write it dowm, we never want to but that'sa how you track what you eat & learn at the same time.
Good luck to you feel free to email me anytime!
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