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Good morning ladies! Today is day 23 of consistently working out and eating right! I almost drove straight home after work instead of going to the gym! But I ended up going anyway! Too bad my workout was subpar. I just was not feeling it today. I managed to break a sweat, but nothing like I've been doing. I guess something is better than nothing.

Barefootnikki, I totally forgot about the infamous "basketball" question! That is also one of my pet peeves! I have absolutely no hand/eye coordination whatsoever when it comes to basketball! LOL! My sister is 6'3" and is asked if she plays for the WNBA all the time! She also made a point... If someone blatantly yells out "Dang, you're tall!", would it be offensive to say "Dang, you're ugly!" or something to that nature... She hasn't done it because she has couth, but I think I would die of laughter if she ever did! Is that wrong? LOL! I'm sorry I don't have any advice for staying motivated as it is a daily struggle for me as well. But good luck! If I can do it, anyone can!... No, really!

Tomato, what about swimming as a form of exercise? I will be soooo happy once the gym up the street from me opens! It will have an indoor pool. I love water aerobics! I'll be there with my floral swimcap, one-piece swimsuit and water noodle! BTW, do you have any tips on how to get rid of back fat (since you lift)? I'm so tired of the spillage over my bra! I think I have more in the back than I do in the front! LOL!
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