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Hi Girls!

OK, so I am new the tall forum and just found you guys but happy to have done so! I am 5'9" now but was 5'9 1/2" for most of my life. (Where did I put that 0.5 inch?)

I think that Talls definitely have advantages/disadvantages as well as different challenges from smalls. DCHound was completely right. Talls can be within an inch of each other and be hugely different weights. I think it is particularly difficult to figure out what target weight should be because you can't really judge yourself against another Tall! Same with setting a calorie target. How can someone 8 inches shorter than I have the same calorie count? The calculators don't take your height into account at all. Maybe I should do like Tomato and give up on the calorie counting altogether.

DCHound~I am having the same issue as I am at a much smaller size at this weight then when I passed through here on the way up. I think it is because the exercise makes you leaner. Squishy = bigger sizes.

barefootnikki~I wish you tons of motivation for working out. It not only makes you feel good but I have found that it really helps me stop feeling bad. I had tremendous back spasms before I started working out and strengthening my back & abs. Now...gone-unless I don't workout.

Glad that there are other Talls out there!
Back on my journey!

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