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Good morning everyone! I've been doing wonderfully if i do say so myself. Ate an easter dinner yesterday where I avoided the potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, cheesy anything, bread, chocolate, cool whip, and other desserts. How's that for impressive! I was super exciting and got myself a second helping of vegetables. Wild woman - i know. Going to be working on my isometrics today a couple times. no spinning because i have a cold and it's hindered my ability to breath. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Megwini, It's always interesting to see how it all distributes on different bodies. Again, i carry my weight well but I'm the reverse of you. It's not in my upper body but in bum and hips. So where I'm a medium top and hoping i don't shrink any more than that, i have 44" hips. I'm aiming for 160 lbs but have no idea what I'll even look like at that point. It's an adventure!

sjd, mmm, triscuits. Really good with laughing cow cheese. um ya... i think the whole cracker stigma has stuck now because there's a box of stale triscuits in my cupboard. Big difference from when i was younger and they'd be gone within 2 days (because 1 day would be too obvious to others. lol) WTG on the workouts woman! just rocking it!

DCHound, it's kind of nice knowing that you've just inspired someone to be healthier isn't it. About the muscle gain... i'm not totally sure so someone can certainly correct me but I was told that you can gain muscle at a rate of about 1/4 lb a week. So gaining 40 lbs of muscle would take a considerably long time. Like I've already been going on about, caliper test baby! lol that clears things up!
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