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Happy Good Friday, ladies!

Tomato, obviously your no calorie counting/balanced healthy diet has treated you well! I would LOVE to be at 160 right now (since we are the same height)! How long has it taken you to get this far? Sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis. What are you able to do as far as exercise? I wish you a speedy recovery!

Megwini, I'm definitely beginning to acquire a stomach! When I was in my teens, and early 20s, I was proportionate for my height and my stomach was FLAT even though I was overweight. Now,..... umm not so much! My lower abs must have given up on me because there's bulge there! Muffin top, here I come! LOL!

So, today is definitely TGIF! I've already got my workout in for the day. This is day 19 of working out 5 days/week and eating right. Too bad it looks like rain is coming. But we need it here. I hope I can stay on track this weekend eating wise. When I'm off, I get the boredom munchies and before you know it, a whole box of Roasted Garlic Triscuits is gone! (They're really good topped with low-fat cottage cheese! ) Everyone have a Happy Easter weekend!
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