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SwanLake - Congrats on your major weight lose!!!! I know how hard that is...

I have about 75# to lose before my wedding (May 3, 2003). I have done the weight watchers thing in the past and while you felt obsessed with counting points I was the opposite I had the hardest time counting.

As for 8 minutes in the morning. It is real basic. He has a book that is I think under $20.00. You need two set of dumbbells that you can buy at Target or Wallmart for under $20.00 for both sets. The weight depends on you. He tells you how to buy them. To be honest I have one set of 5#'s that I have used the first time through. I will go back and get a second set of maybe 7# to go through again.

The program is done in a 28 day program. Each day you do a basic warmup and them just 2 different moves in 4 sets of 12. Thats it. He talks about eating although to be honest I havent really paid attention to it. He also talks about walking if you are interested. I do walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes a day.

I have enjoyed it. I think it is a great thing for beginners and I also think it can keep going with you.

I understand about not being motivated for long workouts. That is how I am but with this I sometimes feel like I could go on and so I then get on the treadmill.

He has a website that you can take a look at.

I hope this helps you.
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