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oh wow, how nice, how so very very nice

Cakebatter, I am waiting for the place down the street to open! THey actually have low fat frozen yogurt AND sugar free is unreal! I honestly cannot tell the difference, that's how good it is! Yum! : )

Lewisempireeeeee, hey hey lol, oh goody! Sure has blossomed! Keep shining : ) you too Ms Perception, I got my tail over there! (the ex. thread, thanks...: ) yes it was busy today, oh! It just flewwwwww! It is so great though, we have everything in place and ready for our new month! ! Let's rock it.

kswood and mygrits,

Jacqui_D, thanks again for doing this for us, your right on top of it too

Oh i better go to bed, we start our first day tomorrow. I am so tired, yet excited. I better rest up, sleep good everyone. See you in the morning... night and sleep tight.
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