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Hello ladies. I had a busy day yesterday and Sunday, filling out death benefit and pension applications and did a few thank you notes. In between all that I managed to squeeze in all the out-of-town addresses for DS's wedding invitations which will be going out in the mail this week.

I'm slowing getting back on plan but ate way too much last night just before bed. I should have eaten more during the day and I was ravenous last night and ate nacho chips and.....I'm getting old. I can't remember what else but I know it wasn't anything good and nutritious like a piece of fruit. Oh, just remembered. Raspberry almond tarts and a piece of chocolate pecan pie. Today, I've started out sensibly with a bowl of cheerios, slice bananas, skim milk and an orange at 258 calories. I may add a ff yogurt later on this morning if I feel hungry. And I'm definitely getting on my bike and work off a few of last nights binge calories. DH lost about 5 pounds over the last 2 weeks and I'll wager a bet that I gained them.

Mom has settled down a bit. More attention this week. I washed and set her hair yesterday and tomorrow I'm dragging her around the mall. My friend who sat with her during the funeral and family get-together will be coming and we'll treat her to a nice lunch.

Meowee, so sorry you're covered in snow again. I saw that on the weather and thought of you. We didn't get any but it's mighty cold out there. I got groceries last night and was shivering in my winter coat. I'm longing for warm weather. I'm just waiting to see the first robin of the season and then I'll know spring is definitely on the way. That should be any day now.

Seems as if everyone has the weight loss under control. Have a good day everyone.

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