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I will tell what I know about MRC:
My sister has a heart murmur and high blood pressure (runs in the family) and and other health issues, and her doctor sent her to MRC. She lost about 40 pounds and told our other sister and me about it.

We knew it was expensive, but whenever we went with her somewhere she had MRC food and ate only certain foods (healthy food!) and we were intrigued. After mother died, we all had some cash, so she made it a challenge for us all three to go. She said, Mother was never as heavy as we each are!" Too true.

So the more local sister and I went, and we were motivating each other for a few weeks, I lost 10 pounds right away, and the thought in the back of my mind was, "I can't afford to throw away this money!" My sister had problems with the hoodia and other supplements, and although she was losing, I knew she was cheating. She has never been able to stick to a diet. The other sister (sister1) was still losing, and had lost about 50 pounds at that point. Her best friend joined, a psychologist, and was extremely focussed. So they helped each other. All together I lost 24 pounds that spring.

The system is incredible, it is so balanced at making your metabolism burn fat, that if you follow it, you can't NOT lose! I found cheaper supplements online, but then we wanted to travel, and so I decided I could lose the other 15 pounds on my own. I kept the weight off by eating carefully (and NO sugar!) for 6 months. My sister1 is still on MRC. She complains that she can't lose any more, due to her cheating, but she looks good! Still has that 50 off! Her friend lost over 100 pounds and looks fabulous! Sister 2 gave up and bought three other diet books. She has a bad sweet tooth, and her SO eats all bad foods (an enabler) and is a cute skinny guy. Go figure.

So all in all, I think MRC is great! I am thinking about going back. I gained all of it back over the last 8 months, but that was bad eating habits, (again) and inability to exercise, and stress. I also liked Medifast. MRC isn't any more expensive than Medifast.
I think I need someone to monitor me (accountability?) but also, there is the aspartame issue.
I think there is aspartame in MRC shakes and I am also wondering about Medifast.
If they both have it, then what?
Linda in CO

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